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I help people find their creative center so they can allow their natural creativity to flow into their lives.




Sara's Belief in Creative Genius

Sara Young believes that within each person lies a creative genius. In order to access this, we must be encouraged away from conformity and towards individuality and personal freedom. Sara is an expert at inspiring creativity in all its forms, from schools to businesses to art studios, and believes in improving the lives of those around her by inspiring them to go further with their endeavors than they could ever imagine.



Sara Young is an artist, writer and creative professional who has been teaching children between the ages of 6 and 17, different varieties of creativity and art making for over two decades.

She has been a personal mentor for many young artists over the last twenty years, helping young people to find and use their creative voice in any capacity they choose. Sara holds a BFA in craft as well as an MBA in business management. Sara helps business owners recalibrate their personnel management styles so that they are able to inspire and motivate employees to go above and beyond by accessing their personal creative genius.

Sara is also an author who created, produced and published a body positive coloring book, Love Yo’Self, through a successful Kickstarter campaign, and has traveled the US doing social engagement art projects with strangers from all walks of life. Sara has done extensive research on the power of creativity and is currently writing a book on the connection between the public education system and the flattening creative curve over the last thirty years.

For the last several years, Sara has been working with parents, helping them to provide their children the space and opportunities they need to test and expand their courage. Most recently, she has been helping parents navigate the space around on-line learning.




Raising Courageous Kids

The world is so different today than it was even five years ago, and the the children of today that will be dealing with a future world that adults can only guess at. In this talk, Sara will teach parents several techniques that she herself has used over her 20+ years of teaching which encourage kids to take risks, use their voice, and hone their courageous impulse.


You Are A Creative Genius

We have all been taught the lie that creativity is a special talent that only some of us are born with. In this talk, Sara outlines why this myth is widely believed, and the research behind the proof that most people are born with creative genius. She will provide three takeaways that will help participants recognize, foster, and utilize their particular brand of creative genius, and inspire them to go further with their endeavors than they had imagined.

Your Voice Matters.

Raise It!

More than ever, it is important to be able to have conversations with people who do not agree with us. Through her years of teaching teenagers how to give and receive critical feedback, Sara has perfected learning techniques which help participants find their voice and use it in a way that invites thoughtful conversation. In this talk, Sara will teach participants several techniques to enhance compassion and empathy in conversation, while also igniting a strength of voice.




Sara’s talk left our students inspired and motivated. She has the ability to create sparks in even the most cynical of our bunch..

- Karen Smith, Department Manager

Western Washington University





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